The Best and Brightest is a powerful community of the nation’s elite leaders who share ideas, practices, and have proven they are employers of choice

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Best and Brightest Companies To Work For

The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® program recognizes companies that deliver exceptional human resource practices and an impressive commitment to their employees. The program is presented throughout the United States by the National Association for Business Resources.

Best and Brightest in Wellness

The Best and Brightest In Wellness™ recognizes and celebrates quality and excellence in health awareness. This unique program highlights companies, schools, faith-based groups, and organizations that promote a culture of wellness; and those that plan, implement, and evaluate efforts in employee wellness to make their business and the community a healthier place to live and work.

Best and Brightest Winners

LaSalle Network
2022 Atlanta Winner
2022 Milwaukee Winner
2022 Chicago Winner

 Consumers Credit Union

“There’s a huge sense of pride that comes with being a Best and Brightest winner. Our employees, our customers, it sets us apart from everybody else. And when you have that sense of pride running through your organization and you pair that with all of the great things you already do as a company, it really gives you that thing that you can brand and market as we really are a premier employer.”


“The assessment reports have helped us create new strategies for communication. It helps show our progress, because every year we try to build upon our current accomplishments.”

 Daugherty Business Solutions

“It’s been a huge boost in recruiting. Of course, as you might expect when people walk in the office, they see the awards lined up all in a row and they see that that gives them a sense of satisfaction and assuredness that they’re walking into a company of quality and where they will be treated with respect. And it’s a place to start a long career.”
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