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Are Leaders and Managers Essential Workers?

As we deal with the economic and organizational chaos prompted…
August 8, 2020/by Sabrina Mercurio

Family Pod Match

Family Pod Match connects families together based on their kids'…
September 2, 2020/by Sabrina Mercurio

Assurance Agency Article: Supporting Employee Mental Health in Times of Crisis

As an employer, there are tangible ways you can provide support…
August 18, 2020/by Sabrina Mercurio

Best and Brightest New Employee COVID- 19 Survey and Report

Are you interested in seeing how your company is performing…
August 24, 2020/by Sabrina Mercurio

The Child Mind Institute Resources: Supporting Families During COVID-19

We know parents are struggling to balance work, child care and…
August 24, 2020/by Sabrina Mercurio

Harvard Business Review Article: How to Combat Zoom Fatigue

If you’re finding that you’re more exhausted at the end of your workday than you used to be, you’re not alone. Over the past few weeks, mentions of “Zoom fatigue” have popped up more and more on social media, and Google searches for the same phrase have steadily increased since early March. Why do we find video calls so draining? There are a few reasons.
August 10, 2020/by Lora Wild

How to Beat Loneliness During COVID-19

f you’re feeling stressed out, sad and lonely because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. We’re all feeling the effects of social isolation, especially since stay-at-home orders have gone into effect. Isolation can have lasting negative effects on your mental health, but there is good news: it’s easier than ever to stay connected with people who care about you.
July 7, 2020/by Alexis Wamser

Best and Brightest Racial Justice Initiative

The Best and Brightest Program has always been a platform for dialogue and education and hence have created an initiative to expand our resources for Racial Justice.
July 7, 2020/by Best and Brightest Team

Webinar: HR Strategies to Build Authentic, Inclusive Workplaces that Reflect our World, not our Biases

This webinar will help Human Resources professionals understand the varying levels of inclusion, understanding D&I concepts and terms, brainstorm how changes to your processes can leverage diversity, and demonstrate how strategic D&I learning can build truly inclusive workplaces.
August 21, 2020/by Best and Brightest Team

Meditation Techniques by Dave Lesinski. Brought to you by Synbella

Dave Lesinski, expert meditation instructor will take you in and out of breathing exercises, mantra techniques, and sound breathe meditations that will reduce your anxiety and stress, clear your mind and increase your focus!
June 12, 2020/by Best and Brightest Team

Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC Temperature Check Process Sample

This document outlines a sample process employers may choose to implement to conduct temperature checks at the workplace. We encourage you to review local and state government orders, and to seek legal guidance for any protocols you choose to implement as deemed appropriate possible.
June 12, 2020/by Best and Brightest Team

SBA Releases PPP Forgiveness Application, Guidelines to Come

The Small Business Administration, in consultation with the Department of the Treasury, released the Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Application and detailed instructions for the application.
June 3, 2020/by Best and Brightest Team

Blue Ocean Strategy

To Thrive Today You Need a Blue Ocean Strategy!It will answer the key questions about how to rethink your business now and for the future.
In this video you will learn:
• What is a “red ocean strategy” where I am competing against others?
• Could a Blue Ocean Strategy be just what my business needs?
• What are the tools of Blue Ocean thinking that I could use today?
June 3, 2020/by Best and Brightest Team

Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies Free Well-being at Home: Wellness Kit

Although times may be challenging right now, there are still ways to take care of yourself while being at home. This Well-being at Home Wellness Kit is designed to provide you with numerous resources to help you stay on top of your well-being every day. Being stuck at home can cause difficulties for physical health, mental health, and social health. Fortunately, this Kit covers all of that. From workouts for at home to grocery lists to tips for sleep and managing your mental health, this Kit has you covered.
June 3, 2020/by Best and Brightest Team

WEBINAR: How to Manage and Inspire your team in a downturn!

Coming out of a crisis, your company’s survival hinges on your ability to manage and inspire your talent. Your decisions and actions can determine whether your people will be an asset or a liability. Join The Predictive Index CEO Mike Zani and SVP of Talent Optimization Jackie Dube as they discuss how to handle issues that teams face when adapting their organizations in a downturn, including:
• How to pivot your team priorities
• Tips to enhance your team’s resilience
• A path to relaunch your team in this new environment
June 10, 2020/by Best and Brightest Team
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