Best and Brightest Webinars

The Best and Brightest Elite Suite Series workshops and webinars provide companies with valuable information that can be immediately implemented to help businesses reach the next level of success. Companies attending will walk away with insights learned directly from winning companies and today’s leadership experts. Open dialogue in these discussions creates a wealth of experiences and provides applications far greater than the traditional classroom event. These workshops are designed to have companies unite and share best practices.

WEBINAR: Culture By Design Not By Default

Presented by Mary Starr

Webinar: Best and Brightest Top Performer Rapid Fire Panel

Presented by Jennifer Kluge

Webinar: Unleashing Your Inner Coach

Presented by Daniel J. Stewart

Webinar: Best Practices of the Best and Brightest and Critical Workforce Trends

Presented by Jennifer Kluge

Webinar: Embracing Change – Employment Law under the Trump Administration

Presented by Rebecca Davies

Webinar: Webinar Employee Engagement

Presented by Lorraine Medici

Webinar: Zap the Gap – From Bookers to Linksters How to Work with Multiple Generations

Presented by Meagan Johnson

Best and Brightest Webinar: Winning the War on Talent

Presented by Jennifer Dickey

2017 Best Practices in Comp and Benefits

Presented by Jennifer Kluge | November 2, 2017

Leading Change

Presented by Brandon Smith, Worksmiths LLC

2017 Best Practices of Best and Brightest Companies

Presented by Jennifer Kluge.

Right People, Right Seats

Presented by Wayne Kurzen, Kurzen Group

Workplace Violence

Presented by Mike Peterson, Orsus Group

Disclaimer: This video is for informational purposes only and should not be used for training.

Lessons Learned from the Nation’s Elite Employers

Presented by Jennifer Kluge, President and CEO, National Association of Business Resources.