Event Agenda


Celebration Breakfast

Networking and Celebration Breakfast

8:05 am

Curing Workplace Dysfunction

When cultures and workplaces become dysfunctional, why? What are the most common workplace dysfunctions and how can a leader stop those patterns in their tracks. From meetings to dysfunctional teams, from broken cultures to challenging direct reports, Brandon shares his experiences across different companies, organizations and industries and highlight some of the best techniques to keep things healthy and high performing.

8:25 am

Corporate Civic Engagement: Opening Doors, Building Skills and Changing Lives

Why does volunteerism matter as a business strategy and how does corporate volunteerism weave into the fabric of community? When leveraged thoughtfully, corporate civic engagement can not only improve company image and bring community support to where it is needed most, but it can also lead to solid bottom-line results.

8:45 am

Networking Break

9:00 am

Community Project: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Join us in this community initiative as we be will making activity kits for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta as it relates directly to our mission of Better Business, Richer Lives, Stronger Communities.

9:45 am

Keynote Address: How to Know You Have the Right People in the Right Seats!

Culture trumps strategy! Underlying a great culture is having the right people in the rights seats, doing the right things. Wayne Kurzen will teach how to use three simple tools that will guide you through the process of knowing if you have the right people in the right seats – and help you hire the right people. The tools are part of a complete business system called the Entrepreneurial Operating System™.

10:15 am

Networking Break