Conference Agenda

Registration and Networking

Mind Warrior Training – Chase Carey, Chasing Meditation

One of the most important tenets of the Mind Warrior Training is that “Black Belts
never say CAN’T – because they might be RIGHT!” As a physical demonstration of
breaking through the CAN’TS in our lives, participants will be given the opportunity
to break a real Karate board in front of the entire group! This training is energizing,
motivating, and a real Resistance-Buster!

Elite Winner Discussion

Adam Wattenbarger, biz1190 AM – WAFS, will lead a panel discussion with 2016 Elite Winners from Atlanta featuring T-Mobile, American Global Logistics, Panasonic and Clinical Resources. These elite winners will share best practices, explore current workplace trends and will discuss their journey on becoming an Elite Winner. They will be available for one on-one discussions in our Elite Winner Reception area offering advice on culture, employee engagement and retaining the best talent after the session.

Coffee Break

Plated Breakfast served in Main Ballroom

Transforming Millennial Myths into Workplace Breakthroughs – Crystal Kadakia

During this presentation, Crystal will share a new context for the Millennial discussion: Millennial are not about uncovering fleeting generational traits, but about understanding the implications of digital technology on how we work. Crystal will transform one of the most common Millennial stereotypes into unbiased behaviors and related organizational changes. Leaders will walk away with a visceral mind shift on Millennial and a clear understanding of the initial steps to creating a modern workplace. Crystal will be available for a book signing opportunity, one on one discussion, and Q&A at her exhibit booth after the presentation.

Community Project: The Atlanta Community Food Bank

Parents who struggle to put food on the table may often be challenged to provide their children with the necessary school supplies. With the firm belief that every child deserves the tools they need for academic achievement, the Best and Brightest has partnered with ACFB in assembling backpacks with school supplies for young students.

Coffee Break