Event Agenda

8:00 am

Registration, Networking and Breakfast

8:35 am

Dan Miller, Nutrition and Fitness Expert

How different do you think you are from a wild animal? Humans are living like wild animals locked in cages. Eating food-like substances, running on little treadmills breathing stale air, safe, but in fight or flight nearly constantly, driving at speeds we aren’t ready for, separated from the safety of our tribes. Dan’s interactive presentation will teach you how to get out of the cage and live a well adjusted, amazing, healthy life in modern society.

9:30 am

Networking Break

10:00 am

Ana Dorr, Reality Based Leadership

Ana Dorr is vibrant speaker who brings a fresh, international perspective to Cy Wakeman’s Reality-Based philosophy. The Reality-Based Leadership Program is founded in research which proved that a tremendous hit to any organization’s bottom line is waste – more specifically, the emotional waste of drama. Emotional waste shows itself as resistance to change, entitlement mentalities, complaints about workload, over-dependence upon management, lack of nimbleness and adaptation, and using circumstances or the environment as excuses for missed goals.

10:30 am

Community Project

We will be filling hospitality kits for the parents in the cancer wing of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, while their children are receiving care.

10:45 am

Networking Break