Conference Agenda

Registration, Networking, and Breakfast

Best and Brightest Winner Panel

2018 Greater Boston Winning organizations’ C-Suite Executives will share best practices, explore current workplace trends and will discuss their journey on becoming a Best and Brightest Winner. They will be available for one on-one discussions in the reception area offering advice on culture, employee engagement and retaining the best talent after the session.

Networking Break

Keynote Speaker

How different do you think you are from a wild animal? Humans are living like wild animals locked in cages. Eating food-like substances, running on little treadmills breathing stale air, safe, but in fight or flight nearly constantly, driving at speeds we aren’t ready for, separated from the safety of our tribes. Dan’s interactive presentation will teach you how to get out of the cage and live a well adjusted, amazing, healthy life in modern society.

Community Project – Wonderfund

Approximately 6,500 kids enter foster care in Massachusetts each year. Sometimes they come with only the clothes on their backs. This year, the Best and Brightest has partnered with Wonderfund, represented by the First Lady of Massachusetts, Lauren Baker. For an engaging community activity, attendees will be asked to put together emergency aid kits that include toiletries and other donations for the children in need.

Networking Break