Conference Agenda

08:00 am

Registration, Networking and Exhibit Gallery

08:30 am

Bidding Adieu to Annual Performance Reviews

This session will address how the organizations can move away from traditional performance reviews for a more progressive system that provides feedback and recognition in real time. Learn about the design and benefits of the new system and hear how it contributes to employee happiness and allows for managers and employees to have more frequent communication, greater trust and a more accurate picture of performance.

08:50 am

Exploring the World of Assessments

Behavior is the single biggest predictor of performance! What can you learn from assessments and how do you identify a quality test. When used appropriately, reliable tests can be an effective tool in the entire talent management process from supporting a robust selection model to predicting and coaching emergent leaders with high potential.

09:10 am

Networking Break, Exhibit Gallery

09:25 am

Building Engagement with Work-Life Flexibility

Live by the mantra, “happy employees equal happy clients.” Culture and success are founded on it. Refer to your employees as rock stars, and treat them as such. In turn, your clients receive stellar service from happy employees who love where they work in part because they have the healthiest work-life balance possible. Learn how to achieve work/life balance in a multi-generational workforce through employee benefit programs, flextime/telecommuting and wellness initiatives.

09:45 am

Zap the Gap – From Bookers to Linksters, How to Work with Multiple Generations

This presentation will help participants to think more about the methods they use to reach out to the New Millennium, Gen X and Baby Boomer generations. Zap the Gap offers a comprehensive, thoughtful and humorous look at the generations of Americans in the workplace, and the life events that shaped each generation’s work styles, traits, buying habits and needs. Because generations are in a constant state of flux, what worked last year does not work today. What seemed like a perfect solution yesterday is the source of tomorrow’s problem. Learn from Meagan Johnson what you can do now to make the most of each generation in your workplace!

10:15 am

Community Project: Community Impact Within Your Culture

In partnership with Wings, event attendees will be assembling welcome kits and craft kits for the shelter.

10:45 am

Networking Break

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