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July 19, 2021

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July 20, 2021

Keynote Address – The Employee Value Proposition: Development and Evolution Alongside New Values and Priorities

An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is an employee-centric approach that helps employers articulate all they offer. Your EVP demonstrates your organization’s commitment to meeting employees’ needs and desires in exchange for their day-to-day efforts.
An effective EVP is the company’s promotional tool for discovering, developing, and delivering their brand promise. A great EVP resides within the hearts and minds of your workforce and community. It helps to attract, engage, and retain talent, differentiates the organization, generates appeal across employee groups and creates line of sight to the culture.

July 21, 2021

Best And Brightest Companies To Work For® Interactive Round Table

The Best and Brightest Interactive Round Table is a place where a group of prestigious employers will share ideas, discuss challenges and find solutions. Being a part of the Interactive Round Table will provide participants with actionable strategies to help companies excel and be inspired.

July 21, 2021

Educational Webinar: Hybrid Hiring Redesign of Special Needs Talent

When looking to increase your talent pool, learn to attract job seekers, regardless of their ability, work history or background. Increasing your talent base means looking at job seekers who have a developmental, emotional, cognitive or physical disability. Find out ways to connect your company with this talent pool.
Learn the benefits to your company, how it showcases the skills and talents of the recruits, uncover tools, platforms, and models for hybrid recruiting; and how to move forward toward a hybrid workplace.

Learning Objectives:
* Define Hybrid Recruiting.
* Explain the benefits of hybrid recruiting.
* Recognize the showcasing the skills and talents of recruits.
* Identify tools for hybrid recruiting. (Platforms and virtual career fairs)

July 22, 2021

Educational Webinar: How to Navigate the Work-Life Blur

Without strict work-home boundaries, having increased home-schooling responsibilities, and the low resistance of a direct bed-to-work situation, employees are feeling more drained than ever.
The toll on our mental and emotional wellbeing are challenging employers to go beyond just the health of the workplace and thinking creatively to extend support with our personal lives.
As companies begin to enact hybrid return-to-office as the world re-opens, we must begin to pay attention on how to best recover and re-regulate our wellbeing.
In this session you’ll learn about:
• How the root cause of burnout isn’t just a workplace phenomena (and what to look out for)
• How the indicators of burnout apply to you now and the common challenges of recovery
• The road to burnout recovery and taking a personalized approach for a burnout reset
• How your values can help you set healthy boundaries between work and life
• Simple tools you can use immediately to gain a sense of calm and centered-ness