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Welcome and Morning Kickoff


You Can’t Push an Elephant Up a Hill: Why Coaching is Critical to Employee Success

Imagine trying to push a 12,000 pound elephant up a hill. It sounds impossible and it surely doesn’t sound like fun! However, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing if you don’t start consistently coaching ALL your employees! To stay at the top of the hill and consistently give you peak performance, employees need to know where they stand and that EVERYTHING they do matters to you and to your organization! In this fun and interactive presentation, Communication Expert, Speaker, and Author, Amy Castro, MA, CSP, will share the rationale behind regular coaching as well as specific tips and techniques for coaching your employees’ successes and coaching them when their performance doesn’t meet the mark.

Amy Castro, CSP


Talent Development: “Investing Dollars in a Tight Economy”

A Talent Development strategy is critical to our success. The ever-changing business landscape requires HR and leadership professionals to invest more time in their people than ever before. Succession Planning and Leadership Development are two areas where we continue to struggle. Fernando will share his thoughts on Talent Development in today’s business world and why this is mission critical more than ever before, especially in today’s tight economy.

10:00 am

Community Project: Communities In Schools

All of the guests at the event are to participate in a community activity.

10:30 am

Networking Break

12:00 pm