Event Agenda

7:30 am

Registration, Networking, and Pre-Show Red Carpet Interviews/Photos

7:45 am

Strolling Breakfast

8:15 am

Keynote Speaker

“People are our most important asset.” We hear it all the time—because it’s true. Most savvy business leaders understand the tremendous value of having the right people on a team. But the way in which we go about recruiting those people is all screwed up – learn valuable strategies on how we can do better.

8:45 am


9:35 am


9:45 am

Keynote Speaker

In Eric’s keynote address, he will make a case that what makes a team accountable is their
willingness and ability to deal with their real issues together. He believes most teams do
just the opposite as members actually collude with each other not to talk about their real issues.
Those get talked about in the meeting after the meeting, behind each others back until they eventually end up in the leaders lap to resolve. How to keep this from happening and build the trust necessary to have such conversations in real time will be just two of the key takeaways from this session.

10:30 am