Event Agenda

09:30 am

Registration & Networking,

Pre-Show Red Carpet Interviews
Breakfast and Celebratory Sparkling Beverages

10:20 am

Leading with Innovation

From managing global e-commerce at Walmart to scaling the marketing and operations at ModCloth, Kerry Cooper has spent a sizable portion of her career working with brands to grow and adapt to the changing retail landscape. Kerry will discuss her challenges of leading with innovation by adapting to changes including new business models that are disrupting established industries and activating positive social change.

10:45 am

Best and Brightest Elite Presentation

10:50 am


11:15 am

Rewarding Employee Performance: Re-Thinking the Impact of Compensation

Shari will examine what performance really is in the workplace, what employers are seeking to achieve, and how they can decide whether or not to link any form of compensation to measures of performance.

11:35 am

Best and Brightest Elite Presentation

11:40 am

Right Brain Leadership

Mike Novakoski will share the story of how he and his partners transformed E&V from a commodity commercial construction company to an oddity in its markers. He will share specific strategies, inspirational stories and lessons learned along the journey to Become Unmistakable. In this presentation you will learn how E&V applied the Unmistakable approach to develop a “virtual employee waiting room”, how they achieved local, regional and national recognition, how they became contractor of the year, and how they amassed an unbelievable 12+ year spotless safety record. You will also learn how to apply the right-brain approach to become employee-centric and create meaningful connections to those in and outside of your business.

12:15 pm