Ignite Leadership Training

Whether you’re new to leadership or a seasoned veteran, Ignite can help.

Wherever your people are on their leadership journey, they will increase their leadership self-awareness and develop successful leadership behaviors, and build their teams with the guidance of Ignite’s experienced trainers.

Ignite Leadership Training is virtual, hands-on, application-based learning offered at an affordable price delivered in 90-minute sessions over the course of several weeks.

Ignite is relevant, interactive, practical, and group-guided enhancing the leadership skills of managers who are building teams within in a virtual, hybrid or traditional work setting.

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Ignite Leadership Training Details

Practical Leadership Advancement Track

A reality-focused, action-­oriented program for experienced and emerging leaders who are ready to take their leadership influence and results to the next level. This program offers hands­-on, pragmatic solutions to build managers and leadership teams that will make your business flourish.

Price: $1,800/student

8 Week Development Program (90-Minute Mid-Day Virtual Sessions)
2022 Cohorts
Winter/Spring: February 2nd – May 11th
Spring/Summer: June 1st – September 7th
Fall/Winter: September 1st – December 8th

Session Topics

Session 1: Leadership 101
Session 2: Climbing the Leadership Ladder
Session 3: Developing Your Leadership Influence
Session 4: Developing a Culture of Ownership
Session 5: Know Your Team
Session 6: Accelerating Teamwork
Session 7: Selling Your Ideas through Story Telling
Session 8: Self Awareness & Strategies to Win With People

Why Choose Ignite Leadership Training?

  • Learning is hands on – not a traditional classroom, students participate in just-in­-time learning
  • Topics are relevant – trainer applies leadership principles to real-life business successes and failures
  • Program learning occurs over time – allowing for effective assimilation with company culture & role
  • Sessions take place virtually – reducing leader’s time away from role
  • Learning happens in cohort – reinforcing learning with a group of leadership peers from a variety of industries & disciplines
  • Class size is limited – creating a safe space for sharing challenges & practicing new behaviors
  • Students stay engaged between sessions and acquire leadership resources via a proprietary LMS

Meet Our Trainers

Cathy McCafferty-Smith has a diverse background within private industry and nonprofit, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and banking serving as a Leadership talent development/organizational change consultant. Her focus is on strategic, influential leadership development, talent development, coaching, organizational change, and employee engagement programs. She has co-designed multiple award-winning, action-based leadership development learning and succession programs Cathy’s focus: leadership learning integrated back on the job.

Denise Roberts has helped professionals in Michigan businesses increase their revenues by teaching them how to connect with and create strong relationships with their coworkers, customers and prospects. Her high energy, experiential training style offers a simple but effective method that changes people’s beliefs, leading them to new behavior and stellar results. Denise provides customized training programs that teach people the skills necessary to engage and retain employees, customers and prospects without missing revenue opportunities.

Ignite Leadership Training Details

Leadership Development Jumpstart Track

An interactive program that builds the overall capability of your organization’s leaders (experienced managers, newly hired managers, team leaders, individuals moving from peer to supervisor, and any staff demonstrating the potential to become a leader).  Participants learn within a learning community (cohort) of peers guided by experienced trainers/coaches.

Price: $1,500/student

6 Week Development Program (90-Minute Mid-Day Virtual Sessions)
2022 Cohorts
Spring: April 6th – June 15th
Summer/Fall: August 3rd – October 12th

Session Topics

Session 1: Measuring and Assessing Your Own Leadership
Session 2: Developing Resilience in Times of Change and Uncertainty- The Art of Feedback
Session 3: The Art of Giving Negative Feedback
Session 4: The Cost of Disengagement- A little thanks, goes a long way
Session 5: Strategically Hiring Engaged Employees- Accelerating Team Performance
Session 6: Leadership Performance – Driving your leadership to reach your destination smoothly and effectively

Why Choose Ignite Leadership Training?

  • It’s relevant - based on what surveyed clients deem currently most important
  • It’s hands-on – students bring real leadership issues to sessions for just-in-time learning
  • Program learning occurs over time – allowing for effective assimilation with company culture & role
  • Sessions take place during lunchtime – reducing leader’s time away from role
  • Learning happens in cohort - reinforcing learning within a community of leadership peers
  • Cohort size is limited to– creating a safe space for building skills & practicing new behaviors
  • Two trainers guide cohort during all sessions – providing individualized attention
  • Trainers follow a coaching model of learning – enhancing self-awareness & inspiring behavior change

What are students saying about Ignite?

“I was able to immediately start implementing things we have been learning to my job. We have made some changes internally, that I believe are really making a difference with the team.”

“I like how the trainers keep the participants involved. I have been in numerous leadership classes where it is all the instructor talking with little to no participant involvement. That makes for a long class that I usually walk away with no further knowledge.”

“Keying in on the areas I need to improve as a leader has shed great light on where I can apply what I’ve learned to make those improvements a strength.”

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