Ignite Leadership Training

Whether you’re new to leadership or a seasoned veteran, Ignite can help.

Wherever your people are on their leadership journey, they will increase their leadership self-awareness and develop successful leadership behaviors, and build their teams with the guidance of Ignite’s experienced trainers.

Ignite Leadership Training is virtual, hands-on, application-based learning offered at an affordable price delivered in 90-minute sessions over the course of several weeks.

Ignite is relevant, interactive, practical, and group-guided enhancing the leadership skills of managers who are building teams within in a virtual, hybrid or traditional work setting.

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Leadership Jumpstart Program

A highly interactive program that builds the overall capability of your organization’s leaders (experienced managers, newly hired managers, team leaders, individuals moving from peer to supervisor, and any staff demonstrating the potential to become a leader). Jumpstart participants grow within a learning community (cohort) which provides identification with peers and a system of accountability. Each session introduces key leadership concepts, but reinforces learning by introducing concrete experiences and exploring practical ways to apply principles within the individual learner’s unique work setting.

Virtual Sessions

5 Week 90-Minute Mid-Day Program
Time: 12:00pm-1:30pm ET

March 1, March 15, March 29, April 12, April 26

Topic Summary:

  • Leadership Self-Awareness: Understanding individual’s preferred leadership style and learning how to adapt to other styles
  • Feedback: Effectively giving and receiving feedback
  • Conflict: Successfully navigating difficult conversations with peers and direct reports
  • Dynamic Inquiry: communications that attract, onboard, engage & retain team members
  • Team Development: Building high-performance teams (remote, hybrid or in-person)

Meet Our Trainer

Denise Roberts
Denise has extensive experience as a trainer and coach helping leaders connect with and create strong relationships within their teams that result in increased engagement & cooperation. Her high energy, experiential training offers a group facilitation style that weaves in real-life experience that changes people’s beliefs and leads them to new behaviors and stellar results. Denise loves seeing students integrate new information and implement the actions required to experience game-changing results or as she calls them “lightbulb moments!”

Leadership Influence Program

A more advanced program which builds on participant’s experience and previous leadership training, this course is designed for experienced and emerging leaders who are ready to take their leadership awareness and influence to the next level. This program dives deeper into matters of emotional intelligence helping the participant to become aware of blocks that may be impacting relationships and hindering growth within a cohort of peers. Assessments uncover leadership behaviors, learning styles and conflict resolution approaches. This course improves not only leadership understanding, but offers practical just-in-time solutions that can be immediately applied within in the individual leader’s culture.

Virtual Sessions

5 Week 90-Minute Mid-Day Program
Time: 12:00pm-1:30pm ET

March 22nd, April 5th, April 19th, May 3rd, May 17th

Topic Summary:

  • Awareness: Building emotional intelligence as a leader
  • Leadership Behavior: Discovering individual leadership styles using DiSC model
  • Training & Onboarding: Exploring how preferred learning styles impact results
  • Difficult Conversations: Successfully addressing conflict in relationships
  • Team Building: Developing solid relationships and emotionally intelligent teams
  • Mental Health: Effectively addressing mental health issues in the workplace

Meet Our Trainer

Katie Dykstra
Katie has led leadership development and training initiatives within a variety of organizations from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and coaches individuals on how leadership skills can be applied both professionally and in everyday life. Katie is passionate about neuroscience and how it impacts leadership results while building better workplace environments. She spent 15 years in HR leadership roles guiding engagement, employee relations, retention, and recruitment efforts. She earned a master’s degree in human resources management, holds a Certified Professional Coach credential through the Center for Coaching and is a Certified Diversity Executive through the Institute for Diversity Certification.

What are students saying about Ignite?

“I was able to immediately start implementing things we have been learning to my job. We have made some changes internally, that I believe are really making a difference with the team.”

“I like how the trainers keep the participants involved. I have been in numerous leadership classes where it is all the instructor talking with little to no participant involvement. That makes for a long class that I usually walk away with no further knowledge.”

“Keying in on the areas I need to improve as a leader has shed great light on where I can apply what I’ve learned to make those improvements a strength.”

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