Leadership Training

Leadership Training

In today’s talent drought, it is crucial than ever to develop and retain your current leaders and teams. Our leadership training offers hands-on, pragmatic solutions to create managers and teams that will make your business flourish.

The Practical Leadership Program is a reality-focused, action-oriented program developed for new and experienced leaders seeking to increase their leadership influence and results. With more than 25 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and CEO, Steve Lowisz developed these 8 sessions based on his own failures and successes as a leader. What Steve shares throughout this program is not based on philosophy, but on daily practices and real results.

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Practical Leadership – Leader Development Program

8 Week Development Program

Fall 2021
(90 Minutes Virtual Sessions)
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Session Time

12:00pm – 1:30pm ET
11:00am -12:30pm CT
9:00am – 10:30am PT

1.5 SHRM Credits per session

  • Session 1:

    Leadership is an often misunderstood concept. We go to school and later enter the business world seeking fame and fortune by building a name for ourselves (or maybe it’s just me?). As a result, it’s easy to focus on the perks often associated with Leadership – the big corner office. The cool car. Or the fancy title. As future or existing leaders, we need to understand and embrace the price of real leadership. This session will help you define the true meaning of leadership and teach you how to transition from Driver to team Navigator. 1.5 SHRM Credits per session.

  • Session 2:

    Starting with the end in mind is a common business mantra. As aspiring or experienced leaders we need to understand where we are going and what it will take for us to get there.   What level of leader are you today?  What level of leader can you be?  How do you get to a level where your teams produce, reproduce, and stay with your organization?  This session will help you understand the five levels of leadership and help you develop a personal strategy to elevate through each level. 1.5 SHRM Credits per session.

  • Session 3:

    With every interaction we have with a team member, we leave an impression on that person.   Are we having a positive influence on them?  Or are we making their rough day worse?  We are all adults and need to make our own decisions on how we will behave, however, there is no denying the power of influence we have on each other.  This is exactly why we need to understand the value of increasing our influence as leaders.  This session will help you identify your current level of influence within your team and help you master practical skills to increase your influence in a positive way with not only your team but your colleagues and senior management. It will also help you create greater employee empowerment and productivity for your organization. 1.5 SHRM Credits per session.

  • Session 4:

    As leaders, we want our teams to drive the results we are responsible for achieving.   We develop rules, metrics, and other KPI’s to hold people accountable.  We create job descriptions full of responsibilities that drive performance.  Some team members excel, while others stop working as soon as you turn your back.  What we need to understand is that we can assign responsibility and accountability, but we cannot assign the one thing we want from our teams the most – OWNERSHIP! This session will help you to understand the difference between accountability, responsibility and ownership. Learn and implement the 4-F model to create an environment of ownership. 1.5 SHRM Credits per session.

  • Session 5:

    In the financial services world, they have a rule called Know Your Client.  By law, every financial institution has to have a certain amount of information on each new customer to credibly ascertain they are who they say they are.   Leadership should follow this same golden rule with one minor change – Know Your Team Members.   As leaders we need to understand how each of our team members defines success in the key areas of life important to them.  Learn how to uncover the primary elements that drives each member of your team. Create a strategy to support team members in achieving the right blend of elements, leading to higher job satisfaction and results with lower turnover. 1.5 SHRM Credits per session.

  • Session 6:

    Understand the value, description, and development of teamwork. Be able to identify characteristics of exceptional team players and the seven must have characteristics of Results Based teams. Learn to equip yourself and your teams to commit to the success of the team over self and motivate them to move toward a common goal. 1.5 SHRM Credits per session.

  • Session 7:

    Once reserved for authors and movie producers, storytelling is a skill that is a critical addition to every leader’s toolkit.  You may get excited for the vision that you have, but can you communicate in a way that excites others?   For leaders, vision sets direction for their lives.   For the team, a clearly painted vision gives them purpose. This session will utilize the 8 part framework to communicate your vision or message in a compelling way. Learn how to use communications to pull teams in the direction you want them to go so you don’t have to rely on pushing. 1.5 SHRM Credits per session.

  • Session 8:

    Behavior is the root of all success and failure. How we choose to behave affects every outcome in our life, from the personal to the professional. While thoughts and emotions may sweep through our minds without any control, we have the ability to choose how we will act and react.  Becoming aware of our behavioral patterns and preferences empowers us to make better choices, and lead stronger teams. Identify your natural tendencies for responding to conflict and how best to manage conflict in the future based on your authentic leadership style.  Develop specific approaches to improve communication, increase trust, and resolve conflict.  Discover how to work effectively with people of diverse personalities, generation, and cultural backgrounds and instill a winning culture within your organization. 1.5 SHRM Credits per session.

Meet Our Instructor

Steve Lowisz is an authority on all things talent, personal development, and business leadership. With experience consulting start-ups, equity-backed, and Fortune 500 companies around the world, you can count on Steve for expert insights and actionable advice. Best known as the founder and CEO of Qualigence International, Steve is a successful five-time entrepreneur with over two decades of practical business experience.

With a unique and unconventional delivery style, Steve understands how to connect with everyone from executives and entrepreneurs to human resources and recruiters. As a result, companies including Cisco Systems, Starbucks, Whirlpool, Coca-Cola, Miller, Walgreen’s, and many others have engaged Steve as a speaker to educate, inspire, and uncover the true potential within their teams.

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