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Leadership excellence starts with a single spark.

Introducing Spark Sessions — Discover Leadership Training Like Never Before!

Our offerings aren’t just modules; they’re immersive experiences. These standalone 90-minute, interactive sessions use today’s cutting-edge methodologies for the leaders of tomorrow. Spark courses include comprehensive assessments that will support participants’ ongoing leadership development.

  • 90-minute topic focused virtual sessions
  • $299 per student/session (includes assessment)
  • Tuesdays: Oct 24th, Nov 7th, Nov 14th Time: 12:00-1:30pmET

Spark 1 ♦ Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence

Tuesday, October 24th (12:00-1:30pm ET)

Empower your leaders with the transformative skills and application of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to manage their teams more effectively. Dive into the world of EQ and self-assess with the EQ-I 2.0 tool. Through hands-on exercises and group discussion, participants gain in-depth insight into others’ EQ that can be applied to foster a harmonious workplace.
EQ-I 2.0 Assessment Included
Trainer: Katie Dykstra

Spark 2 ♦ Building Leadership Awareness with DiSC

Tuesday, November 7th (12:00-1:30pm ET)

Ever heard the saying, “You can’t read a label from inside the jar”? Leaders may intend to create a positive work environment, but their behaviors often tell another story. This session utilizes the DiSC framework to magnify leadership behaviors. Participants receive a DiSC assessment that reveals their inherent behavior style and its potential influence on leadership and relationship-building. Group engagement and interactive exercises shed light on behavioral impacts, enabling participants to pinpoint others’ behaviors and equip them with strategies to adapt for enhanced outcomes in their roles.
DiSC Classic 2.0 Assessment Included
Trainer: Therese Smith

Spark 3 ♦ Empowering the Innovative Mindset

Tuesday, November 14th (12:00-1:30pm ET)

Channel the genius of Einstein and venture into innovative thinking. Modern organizations need leaders who are adept at pinpointing problem roots and fostering ingenuity. This educational experience dives deep into the science of problem-solving, awakening participants’ problem identification capability, understanding the art of questioning and exploring other innovative mindset concepts that can be applied immediately within their current role using stimulating group brainstorming, role-plays and a deep dive into problem solving strategies.

Trainer: Katie Dykstra

What are students saying about Ignite?

“I was able to immediately start implementing things we have been learning to my job. We have made some changes internally, that I believe are really making a difference with the team.”

“I like how the trainers keep the participants involved. I have been in numerous leadership classes where it is all the instructor talking with little to no participant involvement. That makes for a long class that I usually walk away with no further knowledge.”

“Keying in on the areas I need to improve as a leader has shed great light on where I can apply what I’ve learned to make those improvements a strength.”

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