Abhi Golhar is a media host, educator, and sought-after speaker with a large national following and wealth of resources to share in the RE investment industry. He has built and manages a sizeable, profitable investment portfolio across the Southeast US, with expertise in benchmark markets.

Abhi Golhar and the Abhi Golhar Show is the new show for WAFS 1190. With over 14,000 followers on social media and a nationwide profile and presence. He is nationally known for his Real Estate Deal Talk, a source of original podcasts, videos, & articles discussing topics about real estate investing; and Managing Partner of Summit & Crowne in Atlanta.  Real Estate Deal Talk is Abhi’s way of providing massive value to real estate investors by answering questions about finding, evaluating, structuring, positioning, and exiting real estate deals and scaling a business. His responses are based on his own successes and failures as an investor, borrower, lender, and joint-venture partner. Abhi has also hosted a nationally syndicated radio show on the Wall Street Radio Network, daily podcast, and weekly YouTube show.

Abhi Golhar discovered his entrepreneurial nature in high school repairing and renovating computers. He earned his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan. During his time at Michigan, he read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad and it spurred his interest in real estate investing. Abhi encountered many epic failures in business and investing. It took him years of mentorship, moving around the country, and near successes before he triumphed. Abhi found success not from finding the right strategy, but from finding the right attitude. He is now a successful investor in single-family developments and multi-family apartment complexes. He has also been able to build several successful businesses from the ground up.