Ana Dorr is vibrant speaker who brings a fresh, international perspective to Cy Wakeman’s Reality-Based philosophy. As the very first Spanish – English certified Reality-Based Facilitator, Ana has created a new opportunity to bring the Reality-Based message to both English and Spanish speaking leaders and employees. She holds a Master’s degree in International Business from the University of Derby, England and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Finance from Escuela Internacional de Gerencia, Spain.

It may be shocking to hear, but Ana’s leadership journey began at the tender age of 9 years old. First-born to a farming family in the agricultural capital of Europe, Almería, Spain, Ana was thrown into leading teams by her father under the tough conditions of the greenhouses her family owned. Little did she know, it was the uneven tides of leadership she experienced in Europe’s ‘sea of plastic’ that would set the foundation towards the type of leader Ana would become – one that focused on results by consistently helping her teams succeed in spite of the facts.

A struggling Spanish economy and a Master’s degree opportunity led Ana to England, eventually working in a finance credit team for a large retail company. Interested in developing her skillset, she attended a leadership conference in which Cy Wakeman spoke of leading teams through a new leadership lens – one that, unlike conventional leadership practices, actually produced results by focusing on personal accountability to restore peace and sanity to the workplace. Cy’s message had a profound impact on Ana in her second language – and immediately she knew that people needed to hear this in her first – Spanish!

What once started as a small conversation following that conference in England has now manifested itself into Reality-Based Leadership’s revolutionary new program for the Spanish-speaking world. Ana immediately jumped at the challenge to translate much of Cy Wakeman’s content from English to Spanish, opening up the doors for a whole new set of leaders to hear the Reality-Based message!

Today, she is a full-time member of Cy Wakeman’s team and a certified facilitator handpicked to deliver the Reality-Based message in both Spanish and English. Her unique background and international experience combined with her infectious energy creates a dynamic learning opportunity that inspires. The results seen from her facilitation of Cy’s programs are undeniable and audiences consistently rank her programs as one of the best they’ve ever seen.