Matt Jung, is an entrepreneur, business owner, leader, culture-catalyst, disrupter, innovator, and industry-leading producer of the Big Joe Brand, the coolest consumer products in the universe. Founded in 1996 with his college roommate Chip George, their company Comfort Research is a lifestyle, product design, engineering, and manufacturing company, based in the heart of West Michigan. They have evolved from selling foam beanbags out of our college dorms to selling disruptive products through the likes of Wal-Mart, Meijer, Amazon, and Costco.

Now, over 22 years later after our first iteration of their chairs, they have gotten pretty good at pushing the boundaries of what is possible all the while building the Big Joe brand. In doing so, they focused on:

  • Innovating in simple and disruptive ways.
  • Creating a great workplace where Ambassadors can thrive by building an infectious culture of passionate and empowered people.
  • Minimizing waste to lessen manufacturing’s impact on the world by being lean and green.
  • Investing 10% of company profits back into local and global communities.