Assessment Reports

The Best and Brightest Assessment Reports are designed to aid employers in evaluating strengths and weaknesses of their company, company function, employee engagement levels and assist in identification and elimination of potential areas of concern.

Participating organizations receive a complimentary overall assessment report that provides a company’€s ranking in each category.

Available for purchase are individualized in-depth comprehensive assessment report that shows actual data for each survey questions asked by the company and the employee. These tools are vital components in benchmarking and show where improvements can be made.

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Overall Assessment Report

Participating organizations receive a complimentary overall assessment report, which summarizes and helps organizations understand how they were scored compared to other participating organizations.

Executive C-Suite Summary Report

Includes an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvements, with scores in the three highest and lowest areas.

Comprehensive Employee Engagement Assessment Report

The Employee Engagement Assessment Report is a powerful analysis tool that provides a detailed picture of engagement and disengagement throughout an organization. The report also provides organizations with bulleted statements from employees.

Dual Comprehensive Company & Employee Engagement Assessment Report

This option provides organizations with an individualized assessment of the Company and Employee Engagement Survey. This report provides in-depth human resource practices utilized and compares each organization’s response to other participating organizations.   It also includes the Comprehensive Employee Engagement Assessment Report.   

Executive C-Suite Chronological Assessment Report

This report compares your organization results year over year allowing you to map the effects of your strategic efforts.  This report contains finalized results, ready to take to the boardroom or send out to managers.

Illinois Institute of Technology

Illinois Institute of Technology

As an independent evaluator, Illinois Institute of Technology provide an unbiased evaluation of participating companies. As a research university, IIT approaches the process with qualitative and qualitative identifiers as cornerstones to a holistic company profile.